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    The E.MAlumni Board 2.0 would like to wish a great Human Rights day to the entire E.MAlumni community and visitors. Many human rights and democracy (HR&D) issues are pending around the world and our community is closely linked to most of those issues. If you want to know more, the E.MAlumni World Map locates where we are and the Search Profile Tool allows you to look for E.MAlumni based on criteria such as field of expertise, regional expertise, current employer and others.

    Many of us have experience with: development, the European HR system, children’s rights, migration, the UN HR system, humanitarian law, ESCR and democratisation, just to mention a few. Regional experience is based in Europe and beyond, with 20% of us having experience in Africa, 14 % in America, 11 % Asia and 9% in the Middle East. Our profiles range from project management (14%) to research (11%), the legal profession (10%), international cooperation (9%), policy (8%), HR training/education (8%), public institutions (7%), HR monitoring (7%), academia (6%), consultancy (5%), electoral observation (5%), media and other. We are employed by NGOs (24%), states/ministries (13%), academia (10%), the UN (8%), the EU (7%), private companies (6%), public institutions (6%) and others.  Find more in our statistics.

    We think that this is the day we have to celebrate and also use as a renewed incentive in our motivational reflection and daily work. Indeed HR&D are not simple employment sectors. They have much to do with ideals and life views. If we decided to spend our professional life in these contexts it is because we intended to strive for a better society and another world. All of us have been framing these aspirations in the many cover letters we have to write to continuously find our place in this complex working environment. The Board 2.0 wants to give strong encouragement to all those who are looking for employment opportunities at this time and renew its commitment to support them in their job search. E.MAlumni hunting for a job are not merely trying to accomplish their own right to work but also to contribute to the continued transition of the world we live in.

    This day should also be the day to remember that we are part of this transition, that the 10th December 1948 is not the day to celebrate the accomplishment of HR&D but rather to celebrate the fact that they entered among the serious concerns of humanity. Indeed human rights are in the making, starting from the very concept of human rights that is an argument of justice but is also contested for being manipulated and radicalised in culturally bound visions of the world. To avoid the limits of a an unreflected activism, one of the missions of a group as diverse as the E.MAlumni community should be to engage in discussions and exchange of perspectives. An exchange that can be good if starting from the assumption that the complexity of the “human” cannot be limited to a certain precise and definitive list of prescriptions to protect and value the “being” that is connected with that human.


    The E.MAlumni Association promotes HR&D in a dynamic way of looking at the human, humanity and cultures. This way of looking allows for comprehensive inclusion as opposed to subordinating exclusion. Dialogue and participation is what we want to promote first of all inside the Association.

    The Board 2.0 is hoping to increase the internal dialogue in our community also through simple projects aimed at bringing us closer. We are all invited to participate. We will start by launching a new project today and we invite all of you to be tuned around activities proposed by the Board 2.0 and make suggestions for ideas that may enrich our walk along the path of our shared HR&D mission.



    Have a good Human Rights Day!


    E.MAlumni Board 2.0

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