Igor Vorontsov – 2000/2001

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    Dear masterini and masteroni, greetings from Kathmandu! : )

    I am Igor, 44, and I am UNHCR staff, working as a Protection Officer. I was born in the USSR and permanently based in Poland (as a half-Russian, half-Polish) after having lived in 15 different countries and traveled around another hundred or so (https://www.internations.org/profile/5808836/?preview=1 )

    It’s been many years since my graduation, but I still have a great love for the E.MA and for the city of Venice, so I would be happy to promote our programme and our masteroni in every way possible. Since 2014 I have worked for the UN, on and off, but spent 15 years with NGOs prior to that (incl. Human Rights Watch).

    I’ve already had a chance to serve on the EMAlumni board shortly after its establishment and I have contributed a few initiatives then (like the mentorship programme), but back then I did not complete my full term due to technical reasons, so I am making myself available now.

    Regardless of my status (as a Board member or as an EMAlumni member),  I would like to see how I could best support the E.MA programme that has shaped my civic and professional life so strongly, and I have a few ideas, incl. discussing greater linkages with UNHCR about career opportunities for graduates. Overall, if my knowledge of the UN and INGO hiring practices (as I was often part of the selection panels – and even more often a job seeker), could be of use to the Board, I would be gladly available to help develop our Master’s and its career counseling service. I also could help with strengthening the Master’s synergies with humanitarian and peacebuilding professional communities, with advocacy strategies and with greater engagement of students and graduates from “East” (especially Poland and further eastwards) and “West”.

    Best wishes!




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