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    Dear All,

    I am going to try and put together a set of essays/articles considering the discrepancies in understandings and foundational analysis paradigms of the various disciplines’ conceptions of human rights.

    As you have probably all experienced while doing the course, that there are difference in interpretation between disciplines in the considerations on human rights is obvious. What is less obvious is what shape these differences take and how they alter perceptions of issues. The lack of clarity in this respect demands further more poignant questions about the consequences for human rights in general as it expands as a system and as a field.

    In consideration of this fascinating issue I would like to call for articles, approximately 5 pages long, from authors from a range of disciplines answering the following question from the viewpoint of a representative of their discipline.

    ‘What is the System of Human Rights?’

    I hope I will hear from some of you and that the results are as interesting as I think they will be.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me with regard to any questions or suggestions you may have.

    Any and all contributions are welcome!

    Yours sincerely,

    Dara Hallinan

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