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    Give your opinion about the method to use to elect the E.MAlumni Board and President.

    Reply to this post to tell others why you prefer one option or the other.

    To vote for this poll click here.

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    I believe that the vote for the E.MAlumni Board and President has to be done online so that also those Alumni not attending the meeting in Brussels on 21 May will be reassured their right to vote.

    Since the Brussels meeting will be full of discussions to make and decisions to take I think that there will be less time left to get to know the candidates and their motivations and therefore they should campaign online and be voted online.


    OK for online vote, which can be more democratic (everyone involved) provided voters have easy and clear access to candidates’ profiles, programs, etc AND possible last-minute updates from the Brussels meeting. This is to make sure there is no information gap between online voters who cannot attentd the Brussels meeting and online voters who can be present.

    It would also be useful to be informed of the exact date or deadline for the vote through a reminder email contening all relevant info.

    I guess most people who will not be in Brussels will be absent for technical reasons, not lack of interest. It would therefore be very useful to have a part of the forum to allow discussion or feed-in on important subjects.


    I agree with online vote and campaign and share Jean-Marie’s suggestions. Since elections will only take place on fixed occasions, I would suggest to create a special “campaign and voting” page within this webpage in order to assure visibility of the event and in thats sense trigger participation. Every candidate could present his profile, motivation and ideas. We could even envisage that candidates present themselves with an online video with the same time attributed to all!

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    Dear Jean-Marie and Joaquim, thank you for your contributions you have been the fist to post on the new Webstite ūüėČ

    @ Jean-Marie: I personally think that if we opt for an online voting, everybody should vote online and nobody in Brussels. The vote should take place after the meeting and, of course, we will widely circulate the deadline for voting and the campaign page.

    @ Joaquim The great idea that you suggest is already implemented :-). We have a campaigning forum under the menu “Voting-Campaing” named “Campaing for Board or President” where all candidates can write their candidature (also insert a presentation video if they like). The¬†voting page is under the menu “Voting-Polls” where at the moment we are voting to decide if we want to have an online voting or in Brussels. If we will opt for an online voting, in¬†“Polls” you will find¬†2¬†polls: one for the president and one for the board.


    I definitely support online voting Рeverything else would be contradictory to an academic course bearing the word democracy in its name. Voting in Brussels would distort the outcome (favouring people living in Brussels/Europe or those who simply can afford to come regarding time/money etc.). Bear in mind that the date for this meeting was announced and finally fixed relatively short term, which made physical participation very hard/almost impossible for the majority of the masteroni living outside Europe.


    Secondly: I would also suggest to give new candidates the possibility to be included in the campaign after the Brussels meetings and after the outcome (protocol etc.) has been posted. I am sure the meeting itself will motivate new candidacies.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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