GC Human Rights Preparedness Initiative

The GC Human Rights Preparedness is a new initiative of the Global Campus of Human Rights with the aim to advance a rights-based approach to pandemics and other emergencies, and to ensure that the gender, race and age dimension, and the risks of disproportionate impact on marginalised or vulnerable groups, are integrated from the outset.

Here are some of the articles authored by alumni already published in the blog:

Jemma Neville (GC Europe)

Adebayo Okeowo (GC Africa)

Ravi Prakash Vyas (GC Asia-Pacific)

All members of our global alumni community are invited to send contributions to:

  • explain the ways in which protecting, respecting and fulfilling human rights, as we understand them today, is vital in meeting the challenges of pandemics and other emergencies;
  • imagine how human rights could be better prepared for such challenges.

Read the GC e-news to learn more: https://bit.ly/3ihtxT6