General Assembly 2020

The General Assembly 2020 is now concluded!

This year, we had our highest participation rate! The participation rate of our members reached 80%. Out of the 65 voting (supportive) members, 52 cast their votes. Thank you!

* Adam Jacobi Møllerwas elected President of the Board
* Giuseppe Amatulli, Shane Cogan, Tanja Fachathaler, Penny Papaspyropoulou, and Jean-Marie Roguewere elected as Board Members

Congratulationsto our new President and elected Board members!

You can find the report prepared by the Electoral Commission here: General Assembly 2020. In the report you can read more about:

  • the items submitted for vote or comment
  • our members’ feedback
  • our financial plan
  • our activity plan

The General Assembly is the highest governing body of the association and a democratic moment in the life of the association. It decides on major changes related to the functioning of the association. This year we vote on changes for the statute, choose new board members, including a new president, make the mid-term report available and receive feedback for our planned projects.

You can find the candidaciesfor new board members and President here.
If you want to start a debate or raise general questions and comments regarding the General Assembly, please use this forum.

Important: We have experienced a little challenge with our current bank account, so membership fees paid after 30 January 2020 probably were not completed. You have received a thank you email from us if your payment was successful. If you thought you had paid and now you don’t see your name on the voting list, please write asap to our Secretary-General (

Q&A about the General Assembly

How can Alumni participate in the General Assembly?
Alumni who paid their yearly 20 euros contribution to the association can vote and be elected during the General Assembly. If you haven’t paid, you have until May 28, 23:59 CEST to make your contribution. There is also a forum open for discussing the different elements we will vote for, and also any other issue that members feel should be debated about the values, objectives and activities of the association.

What does it mean to be part of the board? What activities and workload am I expected to deliver?
Being a board member means participating to the management and operational organ of the Association, discussing how to implement our goals and sometimes leading a project (webinars, communication strategies, career day, etc). Usually, board members meet virtually once a month for one hour. Last January, we managed to have a physical board meeting in Brussels. Examples of activities that new board members may coordinate are the mentoring program, the relationship with Ambassadors in European cities and fundraising strategies. The amount of work is decided by free will and consensus, understanding that it is voluntary position.

Usually, the GA is organised during Autumn, why will it take place in June this year?
At the last General Assembly, we voted to move the General Assembly to June. The largest part of our budget comes from Global Campus of Human Rights, which is based in Venice, Italy where the fiscal year starts in August. Having the General Assembly in June allows us to have new board members in the team before the beginning of a new cycle.