Global Campus Alumni website – Call for proposal for graphic design

Global Campus Alumni website – Call for proposal for graphic design

Call description

This is a call for proposals of graphic concept for the creation of the Global Campus Alumni website. Proposals can be sent to until30 May 2014 midnight CET.

Proposals should include:

– Description idea and/or visual

– example of previous work and 2 references/testimonies

– Draft Timeline

– Budget detailing Hours and Costs for EACH step

The starting date for the work is Monday 2 June 2014. The final website shall be released within 4-6 weeks.

About the Global Campus Alumni

Global Campus Alumni (GCA) is an emerging global network of Alumni Associations (AAs) gathering graduates of six regional masters programs in human rights and democratization funded by the European union in the five continents. These includeEuropean Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Democratisation (E.MA – Venice), LLM/MPhil Human Rights & Democratisation in Africa (Pretoria), European Regional Master’s Degree in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe (ERMA – Sarajevo), Master of Human Rights and Democratisation in Latin America and Caribbean (Buenos Aires), Master of Human Rights & Democratisation in Asia and Pacific Regional Program (HRDA, Sydney) and Human Rights and Democratization in Eastern Partnership Countries (Yerevan).

All these masters programs are organised under the Global Campus of regiornal masters in human rights and democratisation coordinated by the European Inter University Centre for the Studies of Human Rights and Democratisation (

GCA is the network of AAs (including E.MAlumni and ACIPS) complementing each of the masters programs organised under the Global Campus. Together under the GCA as well as individually these associations represent a wide range of over 2000 human rights defenders, practitioners, professionals and activists across the globe. Members of GCA and its individual partner associations are working with local, national, international, inter-governmental and governmental organisations. The objectives of the GCA is to bring together these associations and their individual members under one umbrella organisation so that they can effectively contribute to promotion and protection of human rights and democratisation across the globe.

Work structure and description

Among the GCA As, the E.MAlumni Association has developed a website ( that will now be adapted and extended to include all other AAs. The E.MAlumni website is developed on wordpress.

The E.MAlumni Association has been entrusted but all AAs of the GCA to coordinate and direct the work to create a GCA website. The work implies that the E.MAlumni website will be technically reorganised to become the GCA website. The GCA website will have one common section (GCA) and six individual sections – one for each GCA AA. User management will be based on AA’s affiliation and all members will have access to GCA section.

The GCA website has to be designed based on the graphic concept of the EIUC website ( Originality for the graphic of the GCA website is necessary together with keeping gralphical linkage with EIUC’s website concept.

The software programming of E.MAlumni Association website is currently administered by a programmer working for remote and based in Berlin. The graphic designer will cooperate closely with the E.MAlumni team and our existing programmer to achieve a timely and suitable outcome.The graphic designer will cooperate closely with the E.MAlumni team and with the programmer.

The graphic should be very intuitive and user friendly. It shall encourage interaction among members in forums (example of forum here) and facilitates the access of external (non registered) users to open services offered (example of open servicehere andhere). The website shall be connected with the major social networks, including facebook, twitter and LinkedIN.