Goodbye Board 2.0

Dear E.MAlumni,

This is the last message of the Bi-Presidency of the Board 2.0. From tomorrow there will be a new Board to which we wish great sucess and wonderful personal and professional experiences at the helm of the E.MAlumni Association. For us it has been a great experience and we want to say goodbye to all of you with an excursus over the last exciting year.

The Board 2.0 has been together for two years (July 2012 – July 2014) working closely in its remote ofice and meeting two time in the occasion of the General Assembly organised in Venice and Brussels. The Board 2.0 worked horizontally with its Delegate and Bi-Presidency models. Cooperation and open communication have been coupled with commitment and understanding. We feel privileged to be part of such a rich group of people. Besides the human richness we have also experienced a professional growth.

We can affirm that in the last two years the E.Malumni Board 2.0 has worked for a number of strategic objectives. We have created the position of Executive Officer with the aim to nominate a Secretary General (SG)after a period of transition. Andrea Petkovic worked for us for more than one year and she was replaced by Laura Pasquero in April 2014. The SG is a reference person for the Association and is contributing immensely to its development.

We have bargained the creation of a dedicated budget for the Association in EIUC and we have supported the creation of a GCA budget too. We have given stronger finances to the Association and equipped it with a more solid perspective to think more independent form to fundraise.

The Board 2.0 has also created a number of simple but important key documents that have given structure the Association. They include: the Standing Orders, the Working plan and the Annual activity plan, Board meeting minutes (35 in total), Financial reports and other reports on a series of subjects (all docs available under About us – Documents), rules and procedures, as well as a number of public letters and communication. We have increased transparency not only by publishing all these document in the open web, but also detailing the way we took decision in a series of processes and situations or the way we decided to react to specific issues, for instance the feedback provided on the selection of the Executive Officer in April 2014.

With these documents we have also stabilised the institution of our Association towards our partners and for our community. The Board 2.0 has created a real virtual office with working tools able to make cooperation joyful and almost as it were for a real office. We have organised documents in shared folders accessible online and that are now a real “heritage” of the Association, in terms of best practices and lesson learnt. We believe that the work of the next Board can be much more immediate and stable also due to the several softwares that we experimented and adopted to improve our performance.

We have enriched the number of projects with seven new projects: E.MArrivals, E.MAday, E.MAhubs and E.MAbassadors, E.MAlumni In The Field, E.MActivism Prize and E.MAlumni Web-star. At the same time, we have strengthened and developed the existing projects, like the well-established and successful Mentoring programme that has grown considerable over the past year and will continue growing.

Finally we have been the leading force for the creation of the Global Campus Alumni (GCA) that is now a concrete and thriving reality and raises growing interest and expectations. We have worked hard with our colleagues from the 5 continents to expand our already large network beyond its limits and to increase its horizon and ambitions. E.MAlumni is now part of a bigger enterprise which is based on the participation of all of us. We are about to finalise a new website for the GCA that will include E.MAlumni and make our communication quicker and more effective, it shall be launched in the coming weeks. We must renew our gratitude to EIUC, the Global Campus and the European Commission for their support that made all these achievements possible.

This whole effort would not be possible without believing in the community. Each member that interacted with us was our strength. Each post or idea coming from the community was a strong motivation for us. We have seen an increase of active and qualitative participation and we want to wish that this improvement will continue in the future. In thanking all the people that cooperated with us to make this possible, we want to highlight that working in the Board 2.0 has been an intense and joyful professional and human experience, therefore – last but not least – our special thanks go to those who have sailed with us in this boat: Alba, Corinna, Iva, Krisztina, Lynn, Monika, Sofia and Vera.

We go but we also remain in this great and growing Community…

Cristiano and Lydia

Bi-Presidency of the Board 2.0