Can I apply for both, a mentor AND mentee?

– Yes, that’s absolutely fine. Many people have a lot of experience to share already but would benefit from someone more senior to give them advice. Simply fill in two registration forms.

Will I definitely find a mentor/mentee?

– In this edition, the matching of mentoring couples won’t be done by us like we used to do in past editions. The Mentoring Task Force will compile all the profiles received, and mentees and mentors will then have access to a pool of alumni -respectively-, where they can look at the profiles of the different registered mentors/mentees and contact each other according to their preferences. We hope that this new approach will allow participants to find a mentor/mentee that trully meets their needs and expectations, to the extent possible, and according to their availabiity and commitment to the programme.

What if I don’t get on with my mentor/mentee?

– Mentoring is not about becoming best friends but to establish a professional working relationship. Of course if the mentoring relationship is not working, you don’t have to continue and we’ll see if there’s anyone else we can team you up with.

What if my mentor/mentee and I are at a very similar stage in our career?

– While we try to match more experienced with less experienced people, this can happen. Because people have such different backgrounds, we would not want to exclude matching people from the same year either but will give this specific consideration.

Will someone from another regional master know what I’m about?

– The Regional Masters of the Global Campus are quite different in their structures but they are also similar in their outlook. We think that it can be very beneficial and exciting to be teamed with someone from a different Master.

– Do I need to travel to participate in the programme?

No. Mentoring session are mostly organised online. Sometimes when our mentors and mentees are in the same town, they organise a face to face meeting which is particularly welcomed, but not a condition to participate in the programme.

– What if other commitments come up – can I leave the programme?

We generally ask Mentors and Mentees to commit to 6 months to make the programme worthwhile. You decide between you how often you will meet and how long each meeting is for.

– Does being a mentee help me find work?

You should not expect the mentor to present you with a job. However, they can help you get a better picture about what it is you want and how to get it. They might also have some insider information on the job market and area you want to go into.

Can current students apply for the programme?

Unfortunately, current students are not eligible to apply for the programme.

Who are the mentors?

Mentors are experienced professionals in their line of job. They come from various organisations. They all volunteer their time to this programme.

– Why do I need to attend mentor training?

There are a couple of things that can really help to turn your mentoring relationship into a very productive so that you and your mentee get the most out of it. You will find these tips useful for line management as well as other aspects of life.

– Do I get paid for being a mentor?

We believe that mentoring is a win-win situation and as a mentor you will surely gain a lot from this experience. Therefore we do not pay our mentors and this is is a strictly volunteer based programme.