Human Rights Pavilion – Venice: Art with a cause

Human Rights Pavilion

Venice: Art with a cause

Deadline: 17 October 2018

First Human Rights Pavilion

Art can only flourish in an atmosphere of freedom from fear, violence and repression. The universal language of arts is the most powerful and joyful medium to promote the universal values of human rights. While many of the existing national and thematic pavilions established as parts of the Biennale are at least partly exhibiting the works of artists who are themselves human rights activists or who aim at engaging with a human rights issue through their art, what is lacking so far is a coordinated effort to draw on the full potential that art has in this regard. In order to do so and to amplify the human rights messages that art can send, the proposed Human Rights Pavilion will present a unique and supranational platform for:
  • exhibiting carefully curated pieces of art that provoke a debate on current challenges to human rights;
  • engaging actively with human rights issues through the lens of the arts, in different media, with the aim of promoting synergies between the two;
  • fostering a new human rights culture that is coined by dialogue, tolerance and innovation;
  • connecting artists, members of civil society, NGOs, IOs, politicians and academia through the involvement of the vast network of the Global Campus of Human Rights and the creation of content around the art (seminars, workshops, conferences etc.).
The overall aim is to create a narrative around the featured artworks by underpinning the exhibition with academic expertise and educational activities. Acting as a convener space, bringing together the know-how, experience and network of both organizing institutions - EIUC and Fondazione Berengo - and linking the arts with human rights education and research, the Human Rights Pavilion will constitute an essential and unique addition at the same time of the Biennale Arte 2019. Where? The headquarters of the two institutions are Palazzo Franchetti by the Grand Canal & a Murano furnace for Fondazione Berengo, and the Monastery of San Nicolò for EIUC/Global Campus of Human Rights.


Your different donations entitle you to many benefits. By supporting us, you’ll be helping not only artists and the dialogue on the current human rights crisis, but also receive different visibility and event packages. We promise to put your donation to work immediately!


Help us to promote the event by sharing this campaign using the hashtags: #TogetherForArt #Art4HumanRights #HumanRightsPavilion And you could always volunteer to help in 2019!

About US

The Global Campus of Human Rights is an EU-funded global network of universities based on cooperation between the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (EIUC) - the network’s focal point and umbrella organisation - and seven Regional Programmes which are based in Venice for Europe, in Sarajevo/Bologna for South East Europe, in Yerevan for the Caucasus, in Pretoria for Africa, in Bangkok for Asia-Pacific, in Buenos Aires for Latin America and the Caribbean, and in Beirut for the Arab world.


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Every year alumni are invited to teach the human rights defenders cluster in Venice. This is a great opportunity to collaborate with other alumni and contribute to the current EMA programme. This year the cluster will take place from 5-9 November 2018 and consists of specialist seminars for small groups of students. The human rights defender cluster will look at the role of HRDs and the current threats and challenges faced given the increasing restrictions on space for civil society. In addition to the legal and policy frameworks we will look at a couple of case studies and develop a practical exercise for the students. FACILITATORS We are looking for 2-3 alumni, ideally with 4 plus years progressively responsible work experience, to contribute to the module with knowledge and practice in:
  • Documenting and monitoring human rights violations;
  • Advocacy campaigns to protect civil society space;
  • Support to human rights defenders.
Ideally your experience could form the basis of a case study – for example the response to:
  • restrictive NGO laws and limits on foreign funding;
  • threats from large scale business interests;
  • limits on freedom of assembly and the right to protest.
FACILITATOR + CLUSTER LEAD 2019 We are also looking for a cluster lead for the coming years. The cluster is led by alumni on behalf of the E.MAlumni Association in close coordination with the E.MA programme director. Key tasks include:
  • Agree dates and liaise with E.MA programme director;
  • Liaise with board of the E.MAlumni Association and ensuring a strong link between the cluster and the work of the alumni association;
  • Prepare call and select facilitators;
  • Develop cluster outline, work with facilitators to prepare modules, ensure flow and coverage of key topics;
  • Teach part of the module and coordinate during the week;
  • Set the essay topic, mark essays and submit marks to E.MA programme director.
To apply to be the cluster lead you should:
  • Have more than 6 years progressively responsible experience including specifically related to the work of human rights defenders and threats to civic space as well as experience teaching / leading workshops or seminars.
  • Ideally have been a facilitator in the past years / available this year.
  • Be engaged / interested to engage further with the E.MAlumni association.
  • Be able to commit to being the cluster lead for the next 2-3 years and be available for 1 week per year (in early November).
If interested and available during the week of 5 November please update your profile on and send your CV and a cover letter (each max 2 pages) detailing: For a Facilitator:
  • your experience and how you would contribute to the module;
  • a particular case study that you would like to highlight;
  • your experience teaching / conducting training sessions; and
  • ideas you have for a practical exercise.
For the Cluster Lead:
  • your experience;
  • how you would develop and lead the module;
  • how you have / would engage with the E.MAlumni association
EIUC has limited funds to cover travel within Europe and accommodation. No remuneration is available for that cluster. If you are based outside Europe please let us know whether you would be able to cover part of your travel – for example by combining with work. Please send your application to &  by Wednesday 29 August 11pm CET. We may contact short listed applicants for a short skype conversation early in September. Please note that those selected need to be / become active members.

CfA European Regional Master in Democracy and Human Rights in South East Europe :: Deadline: 10th September 2018

The Call for Applications for the 18th edition of the #ERMA - European Regional Master’s Programme in #Democracy and #Human_Rights in South East Europe is open!!

Global Campus Visual Contest 4th Edition

Today is celebrated the Zero Discrimination Day and the Global Campus of Human Rights is launching the fourth edition of the Global Campus Visual Contest - a great initiative to promote diversity and inclusion. The contest is open to photographers and video-makers, professionals and amateurs, from any part of the world. Submissions will be accepted from today until May, 4th 2018. More information:

New GCA & E.MAlumni Secretary General

After Sara Pastor and Moana Genevey, who for the past year co-shared the Secretary General position and who are now starting new professional adventures, the E.MA alumna Carla Miranda is taking the position over as of 14 November 2017.

About Carla:

Carla has a legal background and is specialized in Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid. Before leaving Rio de Janeiro, Brazil she used to work as a refugee lawyer and human rights activist. Driven by human connections and hands-on work, Carla has been collaborating with several grassroots organizations all over the world. Her areas of expertise are refugee protection and migrants’ rights. She is also involved in initiatives related to gender equality and environmental protection. Carla graduated from E.MA in 2015, but her first adventure in Venice was in 2013 when she joined the Summer School of Human Rights: “I still remember Lydia taking the floor to talk about E.MA, the (back then) young E.MAlumni Association and the great network we were about to take part of! I was totally amazed by content of the programme, the structure and all the people I had met there - I went back to Brazil writing my application letter on the plane! On the following year I joined the E.MA willing to go deeper in my studies in the field of human rights and to learn about European law and institutions. It was a remarkable year; the course has opened many doors for me. It also opened my mind to different perspectives -I got not only the formal knowledge I expected but also the inspiration to go beyond in my career, dream bigger and believe in civil society's transformational role. Following Venice my nomadic soul took me to the Netherlands and Germany with some other stops in between. During these past two years in Berlin, I joined the cluster of civil society in different projects addressing integration and inclusion of refugees and asylum seekers in the city, promotion of cultural exchange and diversity, and underprivileged children educational support. Since 2013, in all the cities I’ve lived and worked in I could always count on a fellow masteroni, either to confabulate about new projects or just to hang out and show me the surroundings. These experiences revealed to me the great potential of this network and I couldn’t be more excited to keep contributing to it now at GCA!”

Connecting across the Global Campus – GCA Gathering in Leuven, Belgium

(Text written by Kersty McCourt, GCA board member) At the end of April we had the chance to meet with all the new Global Campus Representatives alongside the AHRI conference in Leuven. It was inspiring to meet fellow alumni – and whilst we don’t share the Lido experience – there is a strong and vibrant connection that stems from our similar experiences. To catch a glimpse of our meetings and hear from the GCA reps have a look at a short video made by Adebayo Okeowo - one of the GCA board members from the University of Pretoria. Adebayo was able to capture the spirit of the meeting and we’re happy to be able to share it with you – and inspire everyone to build links with fellow alumni across the GCA. We organized a series of events in Leuven: -          A panel discussion at the AHRI conference ‘Between Law and Justice: A Critical Perspective on the Role of Courts in Realising Rights drawing on the practical and academic experience of alumni from Venice, Sarajevo and Pretoria: -          A roundtable with Manfred Nowak, George Ulrich, professors from the Global Campus and the European External Action Service. We focused on how our 3000 strong community can respond to today’s human rights challenges – drawing on insights from each of the GC regions: -          A GCA reps meeting where we learnt more about each other’s associations and planned joint work around projects such as the mentoring programme, the hubs and alumni initiatives. See the GCA presentation here! And of course shared experiences over Belgian beers and had the most incredible tour of Leuven from E.MAlumni board member Michael Merrigan – thank you Michael! The Global Campus is increasingly organizing joint projects such as the Global Classroom this year taking place in Bangkok in late May, and the Promotional Conference that took place in Sarajevo in April on the theme of ‘Liquid Reconciliation’. We really encourage you to keep your database profiles up to date so that we and EIUC are able to identify and invite experts from amongst our alumni communities. Don’t hesitate to be in touch with questions and ideas and we hope you are inspired to reach out and connect across the GCA! Kersty McCourt

The GCA at the FRAME conference!

For the first time since its creation, Global Campus Alumni is presenting a panel of Alumni at a high level conference on human rights: the AHRI/FRAME conference. On Friday 28 April at the Irish College of Leuven (Belgium), from 9:00 to 10:30, 6 Alumni will present: Between Law and Justice: A Critical Perspective on the Role of Courts in Realising Rights. This pratice-oriented panel will be organised as a dynamic Q&A session, and gather:
  • Aarif Abraham (ERMA) 
  • Seun Bakare (HRDA)
  • Isabelle Tschan (E.MAlumni)
  • Elaine Webster (E.MAlumni)
DiscussantLaura Van den Eynde (E.MAlumni) Moderator: Kersty McCourt (E.MAlumni) If you want to take part in the AHRI/FRAME conference, which takes place during 2 days, you can register here At 4 PM, on the afternoon, the Global Campus Alumni network is also organising a roundtable at the Irish College of Leuven. The goal will be to discuss current human rights challenges and how our Alumni community can aswer them, with Pr Manfred Nowak and the representatives from all 7 Alumni Associations composing our global network. All GCA Alumni are invited to join the roundtable, which will be followed by a networking drink at 5:30 PM. You do not need to be registered to the AHRI/FRAME conference, but you need to register through this form. We hope you willl join us for this historical moment for the network!

Career Day in Venice!

The E.MAlumni Association organised the Career Day for current E.MA students. Four experienced E.MA alumni run sessions on the UN and EU job system, NGOs, academia, and other human rights career paths. Moreover, the students were also briefed on what the E.MAlumni association and the Global Campus Alumni can do for them once they graduate (mentoring, career coaching, networking). The purpose? To provide the students with good career tips so that they are better prepared to start their job search after their studies. This way, the E.MAlumni Association and the Global Campus Alumni keep fostering exchange and solidarity among the E.MA community!

Message for 2017 by the E.MAlumni President

Dear fellow alumnae and alumni, This past year has not been the most accommodating for making adherence to human rights principles a reality and there seem to be (many) further challenges on the horizon. We have seen hundreds of thousands of people seeking safe haven, with many more remaining in their conflict shaken regions of origin. We have witnessed increasing funding problems for - and restrictions of - civil society organisations. The political developments in the US presidential elections and Brexit alarmingly point towards a worrying shift in public opinion towards right-wing and populist movements; whose actors are vocal, seemingly very able to bring their 'message' across and to successfully communicate ideas which are so very far removed from the values underpinning human rights, rule of law and democracy. It is clear that these right-wing and populist interest groups are well-organised in conveying their message, protective of their space in society, and successful in helping each other into positions of influence whenever an opportunity arises. In contrast, there seems to be, on some level, an expectation or belief among opponents of such messages that our values, considered 'right and virtuous' will prevail. Developments such as the Trump election however demonstrate that it is, unfortunately, not always about the values or message per se but very fundamentally about the hows and whos. I believe it is paramount that we unite in our efforts and stand as one, as unfortunately our values do not simply speak for themselves. Our network potential of over 2,000 strong human rights professionals in the E.MAlumni community and over 3,000 in the entire GCA is an invaluable resource. It's incredible diversity gives us immense possibilities, and a great platform to undertake action together. The E.MAlumni Association will continue to help foster strategic bonds among alumni human rights professionals; however our Association is only as strong as its individual members and the bonds between us all. We therefore encourage you to join us in taking initiative to mutually support each other in our professional development, alerting the community of opportunities, putting in place and advertising projects and promoting your activities within the network. Being a network of human rights professionals, I believe that Networking for Human Rights is indeed the bedrock purpose of the Association. We look forward to unleashing our joint potential next year, making use of what lies at our feet to help combat populist tendencies standing at odds with the very core of human rights and the values we stand for. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Successful New Year, Tessa  President of the E.MAlumni Board

Call For Facilitators – EMA Career Day 2017

Would you like to share your career path with young and motivated human rights advocates and help EMA students develop their perspective careers?

The E.MA Programme is once again offering an exciting opportunity for several E.MAlumni to return to the Lido to facilitate the annual EIUC/E.MAlumni Career Day. Career Day will take place on Friday, 27 January 2016 and focuses on providing current Masterini with guidance on potential career opportunities and professional advice in the field of human rights and democracy. The event is jointly organised by the EIUC and the E.MAlumni Association.

For more information check the Call for Facilitators here.