The GCA at the FRAME conference!

For the first time since its creation, Global Campus Alumni is presenting a panel of Alumni at a high level conference on human rights: the AHRI/FRAME conference.

On Friday 28 April at the Irish College of Leuven (Belgium), from 9:00 to 10:30, 6 Alumni will present: Between Law and Justice: A Critical Perspective on the Role of Courts in Realising Rights.This pratice-oriented panel will be organised as a dynamic Q&A session, and gather:

  • Aarif Abraham (ERMA)
  • Seun Bakare (HRDA)
  • Isabelle Tschan (E.MAlumni)
  • Elaine Webster (E.MAlumni)

Discussant:Laura Van den Eynde (E.MAlumni)

Moderator: Kersty McCourt (E.MAlumni)

If you want to take part in the AHRI/FRAME conference, which takes place during 2 days, you can registerhereAt 4 PM, on the afternoon, the Global Campus Alumni network is also organising a roundtable at the Irish College of Leuven. The goal will be to discuss current human rights challenges and how our Alumni community can aswer them, with Pr Manfred Nowak and the representatives from all 7 Alumni Associations composing our global network.

All GCA Alumni are invited to join the roundtable, which will be followed by a networking drink at 5:30 PM. You do not need to be registered to the AHRI/FRAME conference, but you need to register through this form.

We hope you willl join us for this historical moment for the network!