Update to the world map

Dear E.MAlumni,

the world map, as other tools incorporated on our website is useful to get in touch. Imagine you are travelling somewhere and want to know if someone is there. Or you want to get in touch with E.MAlumni in your city or region to organise and E.MAhub. The map could also be used for employment opportunities. Keep it up to date as the rest of your profile J

After some refinement work carried on by Scott (our web developer) the map can now target cities and not only countries. When you can edit your profile (by clicking on your username on top-right of the screen) and add the city where you live in, it will updated in real time in the world map. By zooming in the map you will find yourself in that location.

Please make sure that you use the right country-city combination, because the system prioritizes the country in case of mismatch. Moreover, make sure that you update this information with the location you live in (not the one of origin).


Board 2.0