What is GCA?

The Global Campus Alumni (GCA) is an international organisation (AISBL) registered in Brussels, Belgium. It is a network of seven alumni association of human rights master programmes gathering almost 3,000 experts, activists and professionals spread throughout the world. The master programmes the alumni that graduated from them are all part of the Global Campus of Regional Human Rights Master Programmes funded by the European Commission and led by the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (EIUC), based in Venice (Italy).

The Global Campus Alumni has the following objectives:

  • Promote interaction among the Alumni Associations of the Global Campus and support their development through advice, expertise and networking;
  • ­ Strengthen professional relationships, peer­-to-­peer exchange and links with the Global Campus;
  • Promote the work of the Members at regional and international human rights fora;
  • Through the work of the Members help contribute to the broader goal of the protection and promotion of human rights.

The GCA Network

Update your details to ensure you are part of our growing network. We aim to help you connect with other alumni to meet for a coffee in a new city, work together or find people with particular expertise….

“It’s been fantastic to work with fellow alumni and find former classmates in meeting rooms in Brussels or Geneva.” – EMA alumnus 2004/2005

Connecting alumni among each other is one of our main aims. That way you are part of our growing network and can connect with other alumni to meet for a coffee in a new city, work together or ask for advice. We also get contacted regularly by EIUC, the EU or other institutions looking for experts in a particular field. So make sure your contact details and information about your expertise and interest are always up to date.

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The Global Campus Alumni (GCA) builds connections and shares expertise amongst graduates from all 7 Global Campus of Human Rights Master’s Programmes. You can rekindle memories and experiences; find fellow graduates across the globe and exchange with colleagues shaping human rights practice and working in diverse roles.

“My best memory is the master itself. A perfect harmony of different cultures, people, languages, professors and students who meet with the sole purpose to pursue the common good and to protect human rights.” E.MAlumni 2013/14

Member Organisations

APMAA – Asia Pacific Masters Alumni for Human Rights and Democratisation
CESAA – Centre for European Studies Alumni Association
ArMA – Arab Master’s Programme in Democracy and Human Rights Alumni Association
E.MAlumni – European Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation
EMDHAL – Asociación de Esgresados y Egresadas de la Maestrìa en Derechos Humanos para Amèrica Latina y el Caribe
EAN (ERMA) – European Regional Masters Alumni

HRDAlumni – Human Rights and Democratisation in Africa Alumni

Official Documents of the Global Campus Alumni Association


Original Statutes Certified (FR)

Global Campus Alumni (GCA) Constitutive Assembly – 17 November 2014

Minutes Constitutive Assembly