Why should we move the E.MAlumni Association to Brussels?

and why is YOUR VOTE so important?

This year, the Board would like to submit to your decision again the very important question of moving the legal seat of the Association to Brussels.

This proposal was submitted already at the 2015 General Assembly – and out of the active members who voted a vast majority voted in favour of the move. However, in order for such a decision to take effect we need to reach a 75% quorum of the active members (and only 67% of active members took part in the 2015 General Assembly) and therefore the very high quorum needed for the dissolution of the Association in Italy was missed by a handful of votes.

For these reasons, we believe that it is worth trying again.

The advantages of moving to Brussels are many: a stronger legal status that allows the Association, among other things, to hire staff (which is vital for the position of the Secretary General), full legal personality and capacity to manage funds, immediate presence in one of Europe’s most important human rights hubs and not least in the biggest alumni hub we have!

Read more about the rationale behind moving here.